Better member outcomes

In an ever-changing landscape where new questions arise daily, MAP presents a better Provident Fund solution

The world of Provident Fund management presents companies and their employees with real issues: How can employers help their people save more and make better decisions? How can employers be sure they're making the smartest decisions and lowering their risk level while increasing plan transparency, efficiency and opportunities?

That's exactly why our Provident Fund combines best-in-class administration with an unsurpassed investment approach delivered by Aon, the world's leading independent provider of benefits administration services administering benefits for more than 22 million people and the largest global retirement investment consulting firm with over $4.1 trillion Assets under advisement.

Through the Multi-Employer Aon Provident Fund (‘MAP Fund’), we offer sponsoring employers and their employees a variety of services for their Provident Fund, delivers unbiased and sophisticated strategies at institutional prices that can help minimize risk, control fees and provide the type of experience and retirement readiness your people deserve.

Better Member Outcomes:

  • Reduced risk by delegation of investment management to expert fund managers.
  • Improved confidence resulting from unbiased investment approach from the global leader in retirement investment consulting.
  • Better decisions supported by smarter technology and streamlined choices.
  • Lower costs through greater scale and efficiency.