An unsurpassed investment approach

If you're looking to increase participation and improve retirement opportunities, you'll have a hard time doing better than joining our Fund. Our goal is to provide access to investment strategies and expertise that make it easier for your employees to plan for the best retirement possible. After all, we know what your employees' retirement is worth-not just to them but also to your business.

Unique investment process

We apply a unique and robust investment process, fueled by Aon's global investment expertise.

Our investment process is decisive and built around driving better options, with due respect to the prudency principle and compliance. Our unbiased investment strategy allows us to deliver our services with full transparency.

Aon as a global investment consulting firm, with over $4.1 trillion assets under advisement, is extremely demanding when it comes to choosing and maintaining industry expertise-in everything from investment strategy construction to risk management to fund manager due diligence, monitoring and reporting.

The result is that MAP provides more cost-effective choices than what is typically available to most Provident Funds.

Better for your employees

Every member is different both in terms of investment horizon and risk appetite. This is why one investment strategy cannot fit the needs of all employees. MAP offers your employees the option to make individual investment choices.

We deliver a streamlined menu of investment strategies that contain sophisticated investment opportunities. We believe that when it comes to helping your employees make better decisions, sophisticated yet simple choices are most effective.

Success isn't about having more choices. It's about having smart choices and being smarter about them. Our reporting is focused on participant performance, not just the health of their investments. And, our intuitive, highly accessible administration allows your employees (and your team) to stay informed and up to date.

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