Best-in class administration

Aon combines unparalleled knowledge, experience and innovation for enhanced plan structure and delivery

Many know Aon mainly as a leading institutional partner. While it's true that Aon works with the world's largest corporations, it also has a widely varied client portfolio. This is because one of Aon's greatest advantages is a client-focused business model which allows scaling the delivery of administration services while maintaining only the highest standards.

For decades, Aon has been at the leading edge of human resources benefits administration administering benefits for nearly 22 million people. Aon is also a leading force in Defined Contribution Funds, administering 5.5 million such participants globally including 3.000 participants in Cyprus.

MAP has outsourced all administration tasks to Aon to leverage all that expertise into our simple, yet sophisticated, Fund.

We understand what our participating employers and their employees need as well as what the market demands, and we rise to meet those challenges. One of the biggest issues in provident fund administration is ensuring that participants are making smart choices and investing enough for their future. The solution demands two things: a simplified yet versatile process and a robust yet intuitive tech platform.

Simplified yet versatile

Our fund is flexible enough to meet the diverse needs of your employees through a simple, streamlined experience that helps them navigate complex decisions and provides the help they need along the way. Our multi-channel platform gives employees the ability to choose the communication and transaction channel they're most comfortable with, but delivers an experience across channels that drives consistent behavior.

Robust yet intuitive

We apply a unique and robust investment process developed by Aon. As a global partner Aon invests hundreds of millions of dollars annually into technology alone, allowing processing even more transactions each year. So no matter what the size or scope of our needs, we receive the full benefit of Aon's deep knowledge, operational expertise, security standards and attention to detail.

We measure our approach to technology by what's best for our members and their employers. What is most important is how we translate this technological rigor into results. We provide a world-class participant experience by leveraging Aon's technology offering (platform, interface and mobile accessibility) to make member behaviours more intuitive and help them to improve financial wellness. With this comes unparalleled monitoring tools, unbiased investment solutions, multi-channel, personalized communication and award-winning member service, so our members are more informed and more secure in their goals and decisions.