Legal framework

The Multi-Employer Aon Provident Fund, MAP, is a multiple employer Provident Fund operated by Aon. It was designed based on years of problem-solving for Aon's clients.


MAP is a Provident Fund regulated by the Registrar of Occupational Retirement Benefits Funds under the Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance and registered as:

Multi-Employer Aon Provident Fund (‘MAP Fund’)
Registered in Cyprus | Registration Number: ΤΠ3016 | T.I.C. 18005941P
13 Atho Street, 1087 Nicosia, Cyprus

The legal and regulatory framework in operation of the Fund is in full accordance with European Union Directive 2016/2341/EC (the "Directive") as adopted by the Government of Cyprus originally by Law 208(I) 2012 and amended by Law 10(I) 2020.


MAP is also fully registered with the Cyprus Income Tax Authorities and Participating Employers and Members enjoy the full tax advantages associated with a Provident Fund.

Structure of MAP

The Fund is established as an open-ended fund for employers and partnerships. Any employer may participate in the Fund. An employer can be admitted to the fund and become a new Participating Employer by signing a Participation Agreement. The Participation Agreement defines mainly the eligibility criteria and contribution schedule applicable for his employees.

A Participating Employer can withdaw from the Fund by submitting a 4-month written notice.

Payment of Benefits

Benefits from the Fund may only be paid to a Member of the Fund or to the legal heirs of such a Member. The rules of the Fund on the events and timing of the benefit payment are as required by law and aligned with market practice.

Loans to Members

Members may have a choice to obtain a Loan from MAP, always in accordance with the provisions of the Law and any related regulations resulting from the Law.

Transfers out of the Fund

The Administrative Committee may accept a request from that Member or group of Members to transfer the cash equivalent of the Member's accrued benefits in the Fund ("Transfer-out Payment") to another Registered Fund in Cyprus or abroad (see cross-border section below)

Cross-Border Transfers

As MAP is an IORP (Institution of Retirement Provision), it can perform cross-border activities in accordance with the Law, subject to following the relevant cross-border notification procedure stipulated by the relevant regulatory authorities in the EEA.