Frequently Asked Quesions

You can check your contribution online or call us on +357 22 458011. We also send you an annual benefit statement confirming the contributions we have received on your behalf.

Employers are required to pay contributions in line with the provisions of the Participation Agreement executed between your employer and the MAP Fund.

Yes. It makes sense to consolidate your Provident Fund benefits in one place. You could save on fees and you'll find it easier to keep track of your benefits. You'll have less super paperwork to deal with too.

Transfers into the MAP Fund are subject to relevant transfer provision being in place in your other Provident Fund memberships and may also require approvals from the Regulator.

When you join the MAP Fund you are presented with a range of options designed to suit your individual needs, including:

  • Contribution rate/level choice subject to the provisions set out in your Employer's Participation Agreement
  • A range of Investment Options to choose from - mix and match to suit your individual profile

Yes. You can change your investment option choices online or by completing a Members Choices form and forwarding it to us. There is no charge for making a switch.

The answer is different for everyone. Your Provident Fund is part of your financial plan for the future. How much you need depends on your personal situation, how much income you want to have in retirement, and your other sources of income. You may want to talk to an independent financial adviser about a financial plan to suit you.

You can change your address and other contact details online or complete a Members Choices form and forward it to us.

The legislation determines when your benefits are payable. More details are available at Benefits - General provisions.

The Rules of the Fund determine what options you have in this case. More details are available at Benefits - General provisions.

If you didn't find an answer to your question, please contact us.